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A holistic mental wellness organisation that demystifies mental health in Africa with therapy 

Here is a little story about us

What exactly do we do?

Africa Jipende Wellness Limited (AJW) is a practicing and research centre that takes on a therapeutic holistic approach to the Mind, Body and Behaviour using multidisciplinary programmers to implement wellness.

Our History

Africa Jipende Wellness Limited was founded in November 2018 by Rubie Miseda with the goal of promoting holistic mental health and wellness in Kenya and Africa as a whole. The founder identified that she and many around her didn’t have the appropriate support for their mental well-being.  

Yes, we have a vision

Our vision is to constantly promote wellness by offering a holistic service through merging different social, psychological, physical and nutritional expertise in order to create a healthy community.

Our Services

All our services are specially curated depending on the needs of our clients

Individual Wellness Programs

Diverse talk therapy, packages created for you

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School Wellness Programs

Team building and personal growth training for schools

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Group Wellness Programs

There's power in groups, you don't need to do it alone

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Invest in your employees, to get the most out them

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